Vitamin K

Refresh Me™

Under Eye Cream with Vitamin K

Fades dark circles and puffiness; reduces wrinkles under the eyes.

Skin Care Products With Vitamin K

Don’t let dark circles shape your look. Use skin care products with vitamin K that directly target a major cause of under eye darkness. So you see real improvements and noticeable results. Broken capillaries under the skin can make you look older at any age. Thank goodness for our incredible Refresh Me™ Cream. This is our best selling Vitamin K lotion for under eye skin care. It’s based on scientific research that shows this vitamin can minimize bruising beneath the skin. Our Vitamin K cream for dark circles improves those weary looking eyes. It takes benefits below the surface to manage capillary leakage. Clinical research has shown that Vitamin K, in effective concentrations, can reduce a bruised appearance. \t Our Vitamin K cream is also an anti aging treatment that significantly reduces puffiness and lightens discolorations. It is one of our targeted sun damaged skin repair products that solves worrisome skin problems caused by natural and external factors.

What Are The Skin Care Benefits Of Vitamin K Creams?

Are puffy eyes aging your appearance? It’s time to ask what are the skin care benefits of vitamin K? A nourishing skin care product with Vitamin K will: 

  • Reduce puffiness 
  • Diminish dark circles 
  • Minimize discolorations 
  • Soften skin and encourage suppleness 

At Smooth Skin Systems, we consider the latest research into essential ingredients as we develop products that deliver exciting results. See the all benefits that Vitamin K skin care can share with your complexion and its pigmentation. Try Refresh Me Under Eye Cream to lighten dark under eye circles and soothe swollen skin due to poor sleep, stress or aging. This cream also hydrates, leaving skin soft, smooth and younger looking. So start your new eye regimen today!