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Paraben Free Self Tanning Lotion 

Stay safe while you achieve the perfect tan. Get the island bronze you’ve always dreamed of without damaging your skin in the sun. Our lotion: 

  • Helps maintain a beautiful golden glow all year.
  • Provides noticeable results in four hours.
  • Leaves skin with a smooth, even finish and rich, natural tone.
  • No harmful ingredients. Contents 4 fl.oz.

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Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Get that beautiful tan without the aging effects. Try the best indoor tanning lotion for a smooth, all-over bronze. You can show plenty of skin with confidence after applying this head-turning coverage. In minutes, get a safe and super healthy bronze that’s worthy of a tropical paradise. Tan-Fan™ is convenient for in home or on the go tanning. We’re specialists in radiant skin, and a golden glow is yours with our best quick tanning lotion. Reformed sun worshipers, this is the product for you! You may be undergoing a transformation with the help of sun damaged skin repair. However, protecting skin from the sun doesn’t mean you have to be pale. Get that sexy, sun-kissed look with Tan Fan, the indoor tanning lotion for a safer bronze. This paraben free self tanner provides salon-like results, and one bottle gives you 20 applications! 

  • Get tan in just 4 hours
  • Go bronzer with a second application
  • See sleek, smooth results fast 
  • Apply in circular motion to clean dry skin 
  • To maintain, use once or twice a week

Enjoy the easy, even coverage of this paraben free lotion. Sunless is the way to go for younger looking skin with that goddess glow.

Top Rated Self Tanning Lotions for a Safe, Beautiful Bronze

Defy sun damage with our top rated self tanning lotion. Enjoy the beach look while protecting your skin’s health. Choose a dermatologist tested indoor tanner without harmful chemicals. You’ll love your skin when you skip those aging, burning rays. Remember… 

More than 80 percent of aging is due to sun exposure! 

So when you head outdoors, use our broad spectrum sun protection cream. And for a non-damaging tan, be a Tan Fan. It’s the safe, top-rated self tanning product that takes you from pale to perfectly tan in no time!

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