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Only The Best Ingredients

We’re committed to providing only the best ingredients in our medical grade skin care products. You can be assured that every dermatologist tested formula we sell is free of parabens, estrogen, fillers and extenders. And you’ll never have worry about the effects of drying alcohols. If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, find comfort in our non-toxic skin care products featuring safe formulas. Take a look at some of the primary ingredients you’ll see at Smooth Skin Systems:

  • Retinol and Peptides for metabolic anti aging
  • Hyaluronic Acid for revolutionary hydrating
  • Aloe and Shea Butter for conditioning
  • AHAs for skin renewal
  • Vitamin K for reduced inflammation

Our best non-toxic skin care includes potent anti aging creams with highly effective concentrations of active ingredients. We have peptide creams, retinol gels and hyaluronic acid serums that offer a doubly effective approach that gives you preventive care and visible improvements.

Why We Choose Medical Grade, Non-Toxic Skin Care Ingredients

You want dramatic results, but only if they’re safe. That is why we choose medical grade, non-toxic skin care ingredients. You’ll find many of our products feature nature’s therapeutic offerings, such as aloe, Cocoa Butter and botanical oils. We have an ongoing dedication to developing medical grade skin care that is free of controversial chemicals, such as the synthetic parabens you wish to avoid. We believe that you can have the best of both worlds…skin transformations without unwanted side effects or health risks. Pure ingredients in maximum over the counter doses are what you will find at Smooth Skin Systems. We’re your trusted source for paraben free lotions and cleansers for face and body. And no product is ever tested on animals. We invite you to contact us today to learn more.