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Night Repair Cream 

Wake up to a more beautiful you! Experience the most indulgent moisturizing night cream on the market while you sleep. Contents 30 ml (1.0 oz.).

  • Cotton Thistle Extract repairs damage from excess sun, stress, or aging. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates deeply for healthier, radiant skin. 
  • Jojoba and Squalane soften skin for a more touchable appearance.
  • Rich formulation remains in place while you are sleeping.

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Get Clearer Skin Overnight

Meet the wrinkle cream of your anti aging dreams. Get clearer skin overnight with Nocturne™ Night Repair Creme. This rich cream contains the active botanical, Cotton Thistle Extract, which repairs skin tissue as you sleep. Wake up to beautiful skin with an ultra hydrating night cream that provides superior anti aging, as it repairs damage from natural and environmental factors. Nocturne contains a range of revolutionary ingredients for visible improvements: 

  • Rich moisturizing for improved texture 
  • Luxurious softening and smoothing 
  • Nightly deep tissue repair 
  • Noticeable line and wrinkle reductions 
  • Maximum absorption of a balmy complex 

At night, the body turns on its most restorative processes and skin is renewed. As we age, these processes slow. The body may not have the substances it needs to change. So you need Nocturne. It floats onto skin and remains as you rest, accelerating the body’s own skin tissue repair. Our top youth defending moisturizers are in this cream, including Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), and Jojoba Oil. Nocturne is one of our best anti aging creams based on groundbreaking skin care research. Learn how to get clearer, smoother skin overnight with our exclusive night formula.

Cotton Thistle Skin Benefits for Deep Tissue Repair Are an Overnight Sensation

Awaken your more youthful look with cotton thistle skin benefits for deep tissue repair. Cotton Thistle Extract is a botanical with reparative properties, including cellular renewal. It joins our other rejuvenating botanicals, such as Rosehip Seed Oil, in providing naturally effective care. Nocturne repairs past damage and defends against future damage with its Cotton Thistle deep tissue repair skin benefits. It also has what mature skin needs most for absolute hydration and deep moisturizing. This is your chance to experience a nighttime wrinkle fighting complex that takes skin from so-so to sensational.

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