Maximum Moisture™

Maximum Moisture
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Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream 

Maximum Moisture™ illuminates your skin with hydrating hyaluronic acid for a beautiful, youthful glow. Our rich, indulgent face cream: 

  • Liberates skin from dryness 
  • Stimulates collagen and new skin cell growth 
  • Effectively reduces wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, signs of aging

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Get Smoother Skin

We choose our active ingredients so you can get smoother skin and a younger look at any age. Take our benefit-packed Maximum Moisture™. It’s advanced skin care that delivers optimal amounts of moisturizing. Use it day or night! This wondrous moisturizer infuses skin with intensive hydration so you see less aging. We make it simple to get smoother skin now. This paraben free facial moisturizer gives you the maximum therapeutic dosage of Hyaluronic Acid, or HA, with its scientifically documented hydration capabilities. HA holds1000 times its weight in water. And Maximum Moisture provides the highest concentration of HA that can be utilized upon application. Think of Hyaluronic Acid products as aging resistors that give you: 

  • Less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Decreased wrinkle depth from immediate plumping 
  • Enhanced firmness, texture and tone 
  • Maximum hydration and moisture retention 
  • Collagen boosting for anti aging 

We blend pure Hyaluronic Acid with Aquaxyl™, an ingredient that retains moisture, and with Squalane, a botanical for collagen restoration. Every year, we lose HA and collagen, making our age more apparent. But now you have Maximum Moisture, our skin renewing radiance moisture cream that actively addresses crucial losses for a dramatic difference.

Younger Looking Skin Products That Work Day and Night

Leave everyone guessing your age. Our younger looking skin products contain ingredients with proven value. You’ll find our anti aging creams are expertly formulated with multiple skin defenders, which have demonstrated their benefits in the lab and on the face. Our breakthrough Maximum Moisture responds to your skin’s demands for repair and exceptional care. It’s the deep hydration cream for a more youthful appearance. Seeing is believing when you apply advanced, paraben free products for younger looking skin. After using our best facial cleansers, let your skin enjoy this cream for moisturizing to the max!

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Maximum Moisture™

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