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Shea and Mango Butters Make Your Skin Silky Smooth | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Your Skin is Your Body’s Biggest Organ

It’s true. The skin is the biggest organ of your body and one of the very most important. It is your barrier against disease, environmental toxins, and even assaults. Anything that comes at you encounters your skin first. If it is beautiful it is one of your greatest assets. If it is unsightly, pretty hair or eyes will not help.

My point is that giving your skin good daily care is important. Your skin needs a good blood supply and healthy hydration. The good blood supply can be achieved with exercise  and good nutrition. The hydration can be achieved by two means: internal and external. Internal hydration requires drinking plenty of water and eating green leafy vegetables and fruits. External hydration is achieved by body moisturizers and creams. Be glad you are not back in earlier times when people used animal fats and oils smeared on their body to protect their skin. Now we have sweeter smelling lotions and preparations we can use.

Our Mango Souffle™ is prepared just for you and your thirsty skin. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter rejuvenate and refresh dry skin. This lotion is perfect for the end of the day when you are tired, or you can smooth it on right after your shower in the morning or evening. The mango butter, shea butter, and other beneficial oils will begin to sink into your skin right away soothing and smoothing you. Your skin will feel silky from head to toe and you’ll be amazed at how light and refreshing it feels – it never clogs your pores!

Try this wonderful body cream today. It’s light enough for every day use. You’ll appreciate the therapeutic botanicals and the rich hyaluronic acid that penetrates skin cells giving you the moisture your skin needs to stay flexible and lovely. Don’t wait. Try our Mango Souffle today and experience the richness and pampering that only Smooth Skin Systems can achieve.

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