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Refresh Me under eye cream for beautiful eyes with no dark circles. | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

You Have the Most Beautiful Eyes

What do you do to make your eyes beautiful? If you are like most women you start with a little concealer and foundation, work your way through eye shadow (one or two tones), eye liner, and finally mascara. If it is evening you may go the extra mile and add false eyelashes. If you are Lady Gaga you can put them on first thing in the morning!

But before you do all of that, taking care of your eyes should be part of your daily beauty regimen. You will not need to use as much concealer and eye make up if your eyes look fresh and sparkling to begin with, and that means that you have to avoid having dark circles and puffiness.

The most effective way of dealing with tired-looking eyes is with Vitamin K, Arnica Montana, and Rice Bran. Add in some hyaluronic acid to moisturize away those fine lines at the corners, and your eyes begin to recover that youthful brightness. You see, the way Vitamin K works is by encouraging blood flow around the eyes, that helps reduce the reason for the dark circles. The Arnica Montana reduces darkening and diminishes swelling to keep the puffiness at bay. Then the Rice Bran extract lightens the dark pigmentation. Using a Vitamin K cream regularly can produce noticeable results that your friends will envy.

You can spend less time with concealer and heavy applications of eye makeup because your eyes are shining and beautiful to begin with. Then, anything additional you do just makes you look that much more amazing.

Give your eyes the power of Vitamin K in an easy-to-use under-eye cream that really works to banish dark circles and see what a difference a vitamin can make. You can get this wonderful formulation in our Refresh Me™ eye cream and see for yourself how effective this combination of powerful ingredients is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Refresh Me™ eye cream.


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