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Under Eye Cream to Banish Dark Circles | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

What Do You Do In A Day?

Women accomplish so much. If you want to see multitasking and efficiency at work, watch a woman. Whether she is running her own consulting company or home with two children under the age of four, she seems to do so much effortlessly and in less time than a man would take. That’s not a sexist remark, just an observation.

The problem is, that it takes a toll. Stress and fatigue both affect skin and temperament. Stress and fatigue also make it difficult to take the time necessary to really take care of ourselves. If you popped two children under four into bed at 7:30, and had a big load of laundry started by 8:00 PM when do you give yourself even half an hour of unwinding and pampering.

Sometimes, that is where the multitasking comes in. You take five minutes to exfoliate and then slather some Nocturne Night Repair Cream on your face and keep going, tossing the laundry in and then paying a few bills. You can also let your favorite deep moisturizer sink in during an end-of-day steamy bath. No matter what, stopping and holding completely still, even if just for one minute, does you a world of good. Let me suggest that you stop completely for a moment, pour yourself 8 ounces of water and slowly drink it down. Sip it if you can make yourself do it that slowly! Then take the time to do four deep cleansing breathes before you move on to the next project or emergency. It’s important. It gives you a chance to ground yourself and keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes you find that you have done so much that you look tired. Even friends notice and ask if you’re getting enough sleep. Well, making sure you get sleep is very important but looking good is too. If you are getting a few dark circles under your eyes, try Refresh Me Under-Eye cream and see if it doesn’t make a visible difference for you. Refresh Me stops the tiny capillaries from pooling blood under your eyes making them dark. So you look fresher and more rested. Sometimes, just looking better makes us feel better doesn’t it? We know you do a lot in the day but add one more thing: taking a moment for you!

Interested in Refresh Me cream for dark circles?

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