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vitamin-K cream | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

You Have the Most Beautiful Eyes

What do you do to make your eyes beautiful? If you are like most women you start with a little concealer and foundation, work your way through eye shadow (one or two tones), eye liner, and finally mascara. If it is evening you may go the extra mile and add false eyelashes. If you are Lady Gaga you can put them on first thing in the morning!

But before you do all of that, taking care of your eyes should be part of your daily beauty regimen. You will not need to use as much concealer and eye make up if your eyes look fresh and sparkling to begin with, and that means that you have to avoid having dark circles and puffiness.

The most effective way of dealing with tired-looking eyes is with Vitamin K, Arnica Montana, and Rice Bran. Add in some hyaluronic acid to moisturize away those fine lines at the corners, and your eyes begin to recover that youthful brightness. You see, the way Vitamin K works is by encouraging blood flow around the eyes, that helps reduce the reason for the dark circles. The Arnica Montana reduces darkening and diminishes swelling to keep the puffiness at bay. Then the Rice Bran extract lightens the dark pigmentation. Using a Vitamin K cream regularly can produce noticeable results that your friends will envy.

You can spend less time with concealer and heavy applications of eye makeup because your eyes are shining and beautiful to begin with. Then, anything additional you do just makes you look that much more amazing.

Give your eyes the power of Vitamin K in an easy-to-use under-eye cream that really works to banish dark circles and see what a difference a vitamin can make. You can get this wonderful formulation in our Refresh Me™ eye cream and see for yourself how effective this combination of powerful ingredients is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Refresh Me™ eye cream.


You Look Tired!

Don’t you hate to hear that? You’re wearing some amazing clothes, gorgeous peep-toe shoes, your hair looks good, but something is giving you away. The person talking to you thinks they are being sympathetic, but you know the real problem – how tired you look is the first thing they noticed about you. That’s not good. It isn’t that we are never tired, or too vain to admit it. But, to think that is the first thought in the other person’s mind when they see us never puts us in a good mood!

Usually, it is the eyes that give the impression of fatigue or weariness. Sometimes because of circumstances we cannot control like past sun damage or a sleepless night. The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than most skin so it is more prone to darkening under the eyes or general puffiness. The more this happens, the more fine lines begin to appear at the corners of the eyes and pretty soon you have crows feet.

Isn’t there anything that can help? Of course there is. With breakthrough advances in the chemistry of facial aging and skin care creams, there have also been advances in science’s understanding of the process that makes your eyes look exhausted. Several things happen when your eyes get tired. Dark circles appear underneath your eyes caused by blood pooling from tiny capillaries. Surface inflammation flares up, making eyes droopy and puffy. Finally, as the skin around the eye sags and gets puffier, fine lines form. The result is that your whole face looks tired. That’s not fair, but the eyes are the most noticed elements of your face.

Take heart and consider using a paraben-free Vitamin K skin care product that can penetrate the fragile skin cells, reduce inflammation and help control vein seepage. Refresh Me eye cream works to eliminate dark circles with a special blend of natural and nourishing vitamins and powerful anti-aging ingredients including Arnica Montana, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Extract, and Squalane. What Refresh Me does not have is parabens, triclosans, phthalates or artificial fragrances or fillers.

Eliminate your worry about tired looking eyes and dark circles with Vitamin K enriched under eye care cream!


Are Your Eyes Your Strong Point?

Everyone has some part of their face they consider to be above average. For some it is full, lush lips, for others it is cheekbones or a graceful neck. For many, it is beautiful eyes. What makes that true partially is that the eyes are an easy feature to embellish and play up to get more attention. We can add eye liner and shadow; and for dark circles beneath the eyes we can use concealer.

But there are also things we can do if we just want younger looking eyes naturally. For one thing, nutrition plays a role. Proper diet and plenty of water help your eyes. So does getting plenty of sleep each and every night. And finally, using skin care products with Vitamin K can help.

The secret to continuing to enjoy beautiful eyes as we get older is to take care of them and make sure that we avoid stress. For eyes to look their best we need to look well-rested and refreshed. If we don’t, a good Vitamin K cream can help because it soothes the bruised look beneath eyes caused by older capillaries.

When you gently massage Refresh Me eye cream under your eyes and around the corners you are accomplishing several things. First, Refresh Me is a powerful moisturizer that softens and smooths skin naturally. Second, it lessens those annoying wrinkles and fine lines at the corner of the eyes known as crows feet. Third, it sinks in below the surface and works with the blood vessels that cause dark circles and that bruised look eyes can get as they get older and more tired.

With the natural moisturizing and renewing qualities of this vitamin-based eye cream, your eyes don’t have to fall short of the beauty they enjoyed in youth. They can achieve that today and look fresh and sparkling to be your best feature ever. Click here to try our under eye care cream today.