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skin care | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Problem Skin not a Problem!

Do you suffer from blemishes, oily skin, or acne? Sometimes our skin seems to be its own worst enemy and we are not sure what to do to get that even and smooth complexion that always seems just out of reach.

Exfoliating and cleansing are part of the answer. Skin that is breaking out is more sensitive and more easily irritated skin and keeping it free of dead skin cells and environmental particles is absolutely key to keeping it from getting inflamed. Using a glycolic acid gel cleanser is the gentlest way to cleanse the skin thoroughly without irritating it. Some exfoliation systems use crystals or particles to clean away dead skin, but skin that has broken out will find that irritating and the breakout area will be redder. By using a glycolic acid gel, natural ingredients from sugar cane gently dissolve away impurities and give the skin a chance to heal and renew naturally. This leaves the skin looking cleaner and more radiant after just the first cleaning.

Repeated cleanings will help promote cellular renewal by encouraging collagen production which firms and smooths the skin naturally. You will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and making Exfoliate Me a part of your daily cleansing routine will continue the process to a smoother, more lovely complexion.

Best of all, Exfoliate Me is made with no artificial fragrances or preservatives. It is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, triclosan free, and SLS free so your skin will be cleansed with a no-toxins formula that you can count on.

Order Exfoliate Me with confidence. All Smooth Skin Systems products are shipped quickly to your home or office and are paraben-free and cruelty-free with a money-gack guarantee. You can buy with confidence and then tell your friends what the secret of your “new skin” is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Exfoliate Me today!

Smooth Skin Systems Goes on the Road!

Smooth Skin Systems had a wonderful time at the Essentially Women show in Charleston, South Carolina! The show was primarily for retailers serving the needs of post-mastectomy women and breast cancer survivors. There was a cocktail reception, seminars, and a wonderful trade show for the vendors. We think our booth looked really beautiful and we shared some space with an organic bath products manufacturer.

You may wonder what an anti-aging skin care system and a bath and body manufacturer would even be doing at a trade show aimed at breast cancer and post-mastectomy women. That’s easy. Both product lines are formulated specifically to avoid the chemicals in normal cosmetics and skin care that have been linked potentially to cancer. Among the most controversial of these are the parabens. Paraben molecules have actually been found in breast cancer tumor tissue and because they are an estrogen mimic and breast cancer is estrogen sensitive, there are many concerns about them. However, many cosmetic and skin-care lines continue to use parabens. We are aware that breast cancer survivors are often among the most aware consumers and we have talked to 100′s of them to find out what their concerns are. Because of those dialogs, not only are we paraben-free, we also use no artificial fragrances, fillers, preservatives, triclosans, sls, or formaldehyde. Smooth Skin Systems is meant to be good for women, good to women, and help women look their best at any age.

We hope to continue spreading the word about Smooth Skin Systems and women’s health any where we go. The Essentially Women show was wonderful for us and we look forward to more opportunities to meet our fans and customers.

Keep your eyes open, we may be coming to a women’s show in an area near you and if not, you are always able to buy our paraben-free anti-aging skin care right here online! Remember, women are not only our customers, they are our whole focus and their beauty and youth are our mission!



You Look Tired!

Don’t you hate to hear that? You’re wearing some amazing clothes, gorgeous peep-toe shoes, your hair looks good, but something is giving you away. The person talking to you thinks they are being sympathetic, but you know the real problem – how tired you look is the first thing they noticed about you. That’s not good. It isn’t that we are never tired, or too vain to admit it. But, to think that is the first thought in the other person’s mind when they see us never puts us in a good mood!

Usually, it is the eyes that give the impression of fatigue or weariness. Sometimes because of circumstances we cannot control like past sun damage or a sleepless night. The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than most skin so it is more prone to darkening under the eyes or general puffiness. The more this happens, the more fine lines begin to appear at the corners of the eyes and pretty soon you have crows feet.

Isn’t there anything that can help? Of course there is. With breakthrough advances in the chemistry of facial aging and skin care creams, there have also been advances in science’s understanding of the process that makes your eyes look exhausted. Several things happen when your eyes get tired. Dark circles appear underneath your eyes caused by blood pooling from tiny capillaries. Surface inflammation flares up, making eyes droopy and puffy. Finally, as the skin around the eye sags and gets puffier, fine lines form. The result is that your whole face looks tired. That’s not fair, but the eyes are the most noticed elements of your face.

Take heart and consider using a paraben-free Vitamin K skin care product that can penetrate the fragile skin cells, reduce inflammation and help control vein seepage. Refresh Me eye cream works to eliminate dark circles with a special blend of natural and nourishing vitamins and powerful anti-aging ingredients including Arnica Montana, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Extract, and Squalane. What Refresh Me does not have is parabens, triclosans, phthalates or artificial fragrances or fillers.

Eliminate your worry about tired looking eyes and dark circles with Vitamin K enriched under eye care cream!


Easy Does It!

As we age, many of us wish we had younger skin.  Our skin may be sun or smoke damaged, discolored by hormonal changes and we may have developed special sensitivities like rosacea, allergies or other sources of skin tenderness.  We try to keep our skin clean with a mild soap or cleansing gel and use a good moisturizer, but when it comes to anti-aging solutions they all seem like they would be too harsh for us.

A woman with very sensitive skin may react badly to chemical peels or injections of botox or fillers.  Surgical solutions like lifts can cause significant bruising and scarring on delicate facial skin. But it is precisely that older, more fragile skin that tends to wrinkles and obvious aging. What is an older woman to do?

sensitive skin

Years ago there were no good options. But now, research has revealed effective and non-invasive anti-aging methodologies you can use right at home. Ingredients and formulations that can help your skin renew itself naturally. You can gently and very enjoyably treat yourself to a “spa day” in the privacy of your own house without the cost of the spa and without the discomfort and possible damage of medical intervention. Today’s anti-wrinkle formulations are focused on the structure and renewing systems built right into your skin cells. The main focus is two-fold: it is a matter of re-energizing the skin’s natural production of collagen, and restoring moisture to depleted cells. Moisturizers and wrinkle creams containing hyaluronic acid and peptides can do exactly that. Applied to your skin after a thorough cleansing, face creams sink deep into the layers of your skin penetrating to where the ingredients can do the most good. Your skin goes from dry to hydrated, from lined to smooth as the healing process of the cells is stimulated just the way it worked when you were 25. You will notice measurable results but you will not have to endure painful bruising, scarring, or pain from a chemical peel. This is skin care the way it was meant to be. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and try our powerful anti-aging skin care creams today!

Tomorrow is Here Today

That probably sounds like a silly statement but we mean it. When it comes to skin care and to anti-aging research, tomorrow is here right now. To see how far we have come in a short while, let’s dwell on yesterday for just a short moment.

How many times have you glanced at supermarket tabloids and seen terrible sights on the cover? It is often a celebrity who has had that one-too-many surgical procedure or collagen injection. Or you run into an old friend at a restaurant and her face looks like a mask. Or another friend cannot get together for three or four weeks while she heals from a face lift or other disfiguring treatment. That was yesterday. Enduring pain, dealing with ugly and sometimes permanent results, all are a part of what we think of as the primitive beginnings of beauty science.

You look beautiful today and there is no reason for you to have harsh chemicals poured on your face or a knife or a needle coming near it. Your face and, indeed, all of your skin, has the ability to keep itself fresh, renewed and radiant every single day of your life. What science has uncovered is that there are very specific chemical processes at work under the surface of your skin. These factors make all the difference:

  • Are your skin cells fully hydrated?
  • Does your skin have enough collagen?
  • Are peptides actively at work making collagen?
  • Is Hyaluronic Acid present sufficiently to tell your skin to produce more collagen?
  • Is your skin receiving enough protection from the sun?
  • Are your skin cells renewing themselves regularly?

The answer is not to grab a needle and try stabbing the collagen under your skin; the answer is to provide the skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid and retinol in effective enough concentrations to encourage and assist the skin to achieve the same beautiful results it did when you were 20. The answer is to trust the healing processes of the body to do what they do best with a little help from a good anti-aging skincare cream or two.

Managing your skin’s renewal using the same things nature has provided instead of surgical procedures just makes sense. It is the future of your beautiful face and skin. Say good-bye to yesterday.