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sensitive skin | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Living With Rosacea

Rosacea presents itself primarily in red splotches on the face, especially the cheeks and forehead, and the skin is sensitive and irritated. Topical steroids can make it worse, harsh cleansers can exacerbate the condition, fragrances can aggravate the skin. Additionally, some foods and environmental situations can cause flareups.

Generally, Rosacea sufferers are advised to avoid foods that are strongly spicy, contain caffeine, or contain alcohol. All of these are foods or beverages that can bring a blush to the skin and this additional blood flow to the surface of the skin can trigger the Rosacea. Extremes of hot or cold, excessive sun exposure, stress, and heavy exercise are considered to be factors in Rosacea outbreaks.

Women with Rosacea generally should avoid microdermabrasion and chemical peels. It is also important to avoid strong chemical cleansers, products containing parabens or fragrances, and products that contain SLS or formaldehydes. Then what should a woman use who wants to look her best, fight aging, and have smooth skin if she is also dealing with Rosacea?

We recommend first a gentle but effective cleanser such as our Rosehip Seed Oil for cleansing the face without irritating it. The Rosehip Seed Oil will gently clean away pore-blocking impurities and makeup. After you gently pat dry, the addition of a good moisturizer will help keep the skin calm and soothed. We recommend our Peptide 6® anti-aging face cream with six peptides to minimize the effects of aging and promote collagen renewal plus Hyaluronic Acid to restore moisture deep in skin cells for better smoothness and firmness.

These products cannot cure Rosacea, but they are especially formulated to not irritate your delicate skin and to moisturize and smooth your face in the most effective manner possible. What does that mean to you? It means that you feel better, your skin feels less irritated, you look better and more radiant.

Sensitive Skin Can be Beautiful

Many women have sensitive skin. Some are born with a tendency to react more strongly to ingredients that other people do not have a problem with such as artificial fragrances or other additives that are blended into skin care products. Still others may have a medical condition such as acne or rosacea that leave skin broken or raw. In those cases, women often feel there are no products formulated for them to use. Nothing that can be applied to their face without an unpleasant reaction or discomfort.

At Smooth Skin Systems we believe every woman should have the opportunity to look beautiful so we have a whole section of our site that gives guidance to women who are shopping with delicate skin in mind. One of our favorite choices is a cleanser that was created exactly for women who are struggling with rosacea, acne or have other reasons for searching for the most gentle of cleansers.

This wonderful Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser has the goodness of Vitamin C and the purity of Olive Oil Castile Soap with carotene to slow aging. Omega Fatty Acids renew and refresh the skin while antioxidants help to fight the free radicals that cause aging. Washing with this cleanser removes makeup and impurities from skin, and aids to reduce redness. Exfoliating properties help leave skin as clean and fresh as it can be to promote healing and retard the formation of wrinkles.

Will it work on your skin? You can try with confidence thanks to our 90-day guarantee. You can start enjoying a fresh, clean face very quickly with our free priority shipping. Our Rose Hip Seed Oil is totally paraben-free, has no artificial fragrances, and is not tested on animals.

Buy Smooth Skin Systems Rose Hip Seed Oil today or learn more about this product by clicking here


Easy Does It!

As we age, many of us wish we had younger skin.  Our skin may be sun or smoke damaged, discolored by hormonal changes and we may have developed special sensitivities like rosacea, allergies or other sources of skin tenderness.  We try to keep our skin clean with a mild soap or cleansing gel and use a good moisturizer, but when it comes to anti-aging solutions they all seem like they would be too harsh for us.

A woman with very sensitive skin may react badly to chemical peels or injections of botox or fillers.  Surgical solutions like lifts can cause significant bruising and scarring on delicate facial skin. But it is precisely that older, more fragile skin that tends to wrinkles and obvious aging. What is an older woman to do?

sensitive skin

Years ago there were no good options. But now, research has revealed effective and non-invasive anti-aging methodologies you can use right at home. Ingredients and formulations that can help your skin renew itself naturally. You can gently and very enjoyably treat yourself to a “spa day” in the privacy of your own house without the cost of the spa and without the discomfort and possible damage of medical intervention. Today’s anti-wrinkle formulations are focused on the structure and renewing systems built right into your skin cells. The main focus is two-fold: it is a matter of re-energizing the skin’s natural production of collagen, and restoring moisture to depleted cells. Moisturizers and wrinkle creams containing hyaluronic acid and peptides can do exactly that. Applied to your skin after a thorough cleansing, face creams sink deep into the layers of your skin penetrating to where the ingredients can do the most good. Your skin goes from dry to hydrated, from lined to smooth as the healing process of the cells is stimulated just the way it worked when you were 25. You will notice measurable results but you will not have to endure painful bruising, scarring, or pain from a chemical peel. This is skin care the way it was meant to be. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and try our powerful anti-aging skin care creams today!