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peptide cream | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Skin Care Breakthrough! Or Is It?

How many times do you read those words, “Anti-aging miracle; skincare breakthrough,” or others like them? It seems that every cosmetics company in the world has a new discovery coming out in a bottle that will make you younger. Are people really getting younger? Are there really that many new products?

The answers are yes and no. Yes, people are able to defeat some of the least attractive visible signs of aging like the frown lines on the forehead or crows feet at the edges of the eyes. No, there are not really that many new products. But they seem dramatic compared to what companies knew about aging just ten or fifteen years ago. Back then if you wanted your skin to have a better surface you underwent serious chemical peels that might take months of recovery before you looked good. Or, you went in for a facelift and then hid yourself for months until the black eyes and swelling went away. Then you tried to explain why your face looked all pulled and tight.

Botox™, hyaluronic acid, and peptides changed a lot of that. Scientists discovered the function of hyaluronic acid in skin repair and renewal and discovered that it plays a significant role in collagen production. This truly transformed the understanding of what could be done for skin, even skin already damaged by the sun or aging. Then peptides became the big thing in skin care. Again, these are building blocks of your body and play a role in wound healing and skin renewal. What wonderful discoveries! You could renew and revitalize your skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid without primitive surgery and long recovery times.

But how can you tell if the product you are using is really delivering the right ingredients to your skin? First look for one with NO parabens. Parabens are a cheap preservative that promotes aging, and yet many expensive formulations use parabens because it increases their profit margins. Avoid them at all cost. Next, avoid skin creams that have artificial fragrances and fillers. Look for an ingredients label that shows a short list of ingredients and those ingredients should be the hyaluronic acid and peptides you are looking for. At that point you have done your homework. Congratulations! You are buying the big breakthroughs! Buy our best face cream with six peptides and HA!

Do You Feel Peppy About Peptides?

Chances are you don’t! If you are like most women, you have heard about peptides but the word just sounds funny. Dr. Oz and other professionals talk about peptides like they are the most exciting thing but you almost have to be a scientist to get excited about a chemical name. But, like many of us you may have begun to at least feel that peptides may have something for you.

They do, and this is why! Your skin, like all of your body, has natural defenses and ways of renewing itself. In the case of skin, your most important thing is a protein called collagen. Collagen is not just in your skin, it makes up anywhere from 25 – 25% of the protein in our bodies. It is fibrous and forms the connective tissue necessary in our spinal disks, in our joints, and of course in our skin. As collagen deteriorates, part of that process is the peptides that are created. And the presence of those peptides tells the skin it is time to produce more collagen. So peptides = more production of collagen! In young skin, that happens very naturally. In older skin, the process slows down and the result is sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The very things that make us look older. That’s where peptides come in.

By using a face cream rich in peptides, your skin is encouraged to renew itself the way it did when it was younger! Instead of injecting fillers under the skin, a messy and sometimes disastrous cosmetic procedure, you use a peptide-enhanced moisturizer and it penetrates the skin cells and collagen production begins. The skin begins to be firmer, smoother, silkier, and more naturally young-looking. So peptides may have a silly or strange sounding name, but the benefit of using them has been an amazing breakthrough in the science of skin care.

Imagine, instead of a painful and intrusive method of trying to artificially plump up your skin, you are using your skin’s own renewing system! Ready to start looking more youthful? Peptide 6 is the opportunity you have been looking for. We have fast shipping and a great guarantee so you do not need to worry. Try Peptide 6 anti-aging cream today!

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