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facial cream | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Your Best Look

There is an old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and even though that is a clever little cliche, it is also the truth. That is why it is a mistake to focus on makeup or wardrobe if you skimp on skincare. We all admit that a beautiful outfit can really make our mood lift and our confidence soar but what is happening in the eye of the beholder? Maybe they are impressed with our outfit, but if our skin looks dull, tired, old or wrinkled, that skin will make as big an impression or bigger, than the outfit did.

Glowing skin will not help much if you are wearing unsightly clothes but good skin care and a fashionable wardrobe together are simply an unbeatable combination. You want to watch someone walking towards you see that beautiful dress, glance up, take a look at your face, and begin to smile. It’s all part of the same package; all part of your basic allure. After that, mascara and lipstick, a bangle bracelet or diamond stud earrings are the finishing touches, or icing on the cake!

There are some basic steps to taking care of your skin and they do not have to be complicated. Your skin needs hydration. That means drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer on exposed parts of your skin that take a beating from the sun and the environment. That also means protecting your skin from the rays of the sun with a full-spectrum sunscreen or sun block.

Cleansing is a must with a cleanser made for your skin and gentle enough not to irritate it. Additionally, your skin builds up dead skin cells so you will want to use a good exfoliation gel or cream on your face and hands so that your skin is smooth and fresh. Next, a moisturizer for daily use is necessary on face, hands, throat and decollete. Really, that takes care of the basics of skin care.

Is there more? Of course! You may consider your neck a problem area or be concerned about dark circles under your eyes. There are special creams for that and many other problem areas. But if you take care of the basics you will look like a million dollars, especially in that designer dress.

Ready to make your skin happy? Find the best medical grade skincare products right here at Smooth Skin Systems!


Maximum Moisture, Maximum Effectiveness

When I hear women talking about what they need done to their faces the litany of complaints and solutions always runs along the same topics; one way or another the complaint is wrinkles or sagging skin. You will hear women bemoaning crows feet, lines along the upper lip, wrinkles in the forehead, deep lines from nose to mouth, fine webby lines on cheeks, crepe-y lines and sagging under chin. And then the solutions start coming up in conversation and range from injecting botulism, collagen or fillers, all the way up to full facelifts. With a side conversation about painful peels and dermabrasion.

Here is the simple truth: skin looks webby and lined because it loses moisture. Yes, that is all there is to it. A multi-million dollar industry has sprung up based on the lack of moisture in an aging face. Dry skin sags, flakes, wrinkles, and caves in on itself taking the face from smooth and beautiful to lined and wrinkled. It isn’t a secret. And neither is the best and most effective way to deal with it: moisturize. That’s right. That’s the big top secret that the surgeons don’t want you to know. All you have to do is moisturize, moisturizes, moisturize.

When our skin is young, we produce collagen constantly. Our skin cells renew and repair themselves over and over while holding moisture in and sealing damaging environmental factors out. As skin ages that process slows down and time takes its toll. The skin cells dry, the renewal process slows and firmness and suppleness are lost. This shows more on the face and hands than anywhere else because they are the most exposed.

So what is the best response to the damage that age and sunlight have caused? Moisturize with a face cream that contains the best grade of hyaluronic acid possible. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in skin and the moister the skin is the higher concentrations of HA in the cells. Hyaluronic acid plays a big part not only in skin hydration but healing and cell renewal.

Consider a powerful skin hydration formula like Maximum Moisture to give your face the best look possible. Looking better does not have to cost a lot and hurt! Looking better can be as simple as restoring the body’s natural functions with natural ingredients and no parabens, added fragrances or animal testing! Try Maximum Moisture today!

Tomorrow is Here Today

That probably sounds like a silly statement but we mean it. When it comes to skin care and to anti-aging research, tomorrow is here right now. To see how far we have come in a short while, let’s dwell on yesterday for just a short moment.

How many times have you glanced at supermarket tabloids and seen terrible sights on the cover? It is often a celebrity who has had that one-too-many surgical procedure or collagen injection. Or you run into an old friend at a restaurant and her face looks like a mask. Or another friend cannot get together for three or four weeks while she heals from a face lift or other disfiguring treatment. That was yesterday. Enduring pain, dealing with ugly and sometimes permanent results, all are a part of what we think of as the primitive beginnings of beauty science.

You look beautiful today and there is no reason for you to have harsh chemicals poured on your face or a knife or a needle coming near it. Your face and, indeed, all of your skin, has the ability to keep itself fresh, renewed and radiant every single day of your life. What science has uncovered is that there are very specific chemical processes at work under the surface of your skin. These factors make all the difference:

  • Are your skin cells fully hydrated?
  • Does your skin have enough collagen?
  • Are peptides actively at work making collagen?
  • Is Hyaluronic Acid present sufficiently to tell your skin to produce more collagen?
  • Is your skin receiving enough protection from the sun?
  • Are your skin cells renewing themselves regularly?

The answer is not to grab a needle and try stabbing the collagen under your skin; the answer is to provide the skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid and retinol in effective enough concentrations to encourage and assist the skin to achieve the same beautiful results it did when you were 20. The answer is to trust the healing processes of the body to do what they do best with a little help from a good anti-aging skincare cream or two.

Managing your skin’s renewal using the same things nature has provided instead of surgical procedures just makes sense. It is the future of your beautiful face and skin. Say good-bye to yesterday.