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Exfoliate | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Middle Age Acne? How Can This Be?!

One of the more distressing surprises for a woman is to suddenly have blemishes, blackheads, and pimples begin appearing again two decades after she thought she was through with all that.

Hormone changes throughout life can aggravate the skin and create red spots, lumps, discolorations and more even in a woman’s forties or beyond. What can you do when this happens? First, see your doctor. Your breakout may require antibiotics to manage infection or be the sign of other medical problems. It is important to rule that out.

Next, thorough but gentle cleansing will help prevent bacteria from forming and exacerbating the system. We recommend an AHA gel cleanser because it exfoliates and cleans without scrubbing the skin and irritating sensitive areas. Our Exfoliate Me™ gel cleanser should do the trick for you. Your skin should feel clean but not sore or sensitive.

Next, we suggest the power of Vitamin A in a moisturizing blend that glides onto your skin and penetrates cells to speed healing and promote a smoother, more radiant complexion. Our ReNew Youth product contains the maximum amount of Retinol you can buy without a prescription. Long known for its power to banish pimples and breakouts, Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and a potent antioxidant. Your skin will appreciate it and you’ll love the improved look and feel.

Don’t feel that you are helpless to prevent or manage breakouts. Your doctor can do a lot to help and there are products right here at Smooth Skin Systems formulated especially for these challenges. You’re not in this fight alone, all of our products are designed to help you achieve the most lustrous and lovely skin you’ve ever had.

Try Exfoliate Me™ or ReNew Youth™ today and discover a world of difference. You’ll be glad you did!


Problem Skin not a Problem!

Do you suffer from blemishes, oily skin, or acne? Sometimes our skin seems to be its own worst enemy and we are not sure what to do to get that even and smooth complexion that always seems just out of reach.

Exfoliating and cleansing are part of the answer. Skin that is breaking out is more sensitive and more easily irritated skin and keeping it free of dead skin cells and environmental particles is absolutely key to keeping it from getting inflamed. Using a glycolic acid gel cleanser is the gentlest way to cleanse the skin thoroughly without irritating it. Some exfoliation systems use crystals or particles to clean away dead skin, but skin that has broken out will find that irritating and the breakout area will be redder. By using a glycolic acid gel, natural ingredients from sugar cane gently dissolve away impurities and give the skin a chance to heal and renew naturally. This leaves the skin looking cleaner and more radiant after just the first cleaning.

Repeated cleanings will help promote cellular renewal by encouraging collagen production which firms and smooths the skin naturally. You will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and making Exfoliate Me a part of your daily cleansing routine will continue the process to a smoother, more lovely complexion.

Best of all, Exfoliate Me is made with no artificial fragrances or preservatives. It is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, triclosan free, and SLS free so your skin will be cleansed with a no-toxins formula that you can count on.

Order Exfoliate Me with confidence. All Smooth Skin Systems products are shipped quickly to your home or office and are paraben-free and cruelty-free with a money-gack guarantee. You can buy with confidence and then tell your friends what the secret of your “new skin” is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Exfoliate Me today!

Paraben Free Skin Cleansers

All day long people are washing their hands but it is amazing how much environmental exposure the face gets. It is in front of us all day long with smoke, sun, pollen and anything wind-borne drifting right onto it. As well, the skin on our faces gets covered with moisturizer, dripped on by shampoo, and made up so we look pretty every day. Then we use some wipes to remove the makeup and the residue from the wipes is added to the load our pores are carrying.

We can’t hear it, but our faces are crying, “enough!” Now all we have to decide is what cleanser to buy.  The first thing to make sure is that it does not contain parabens, triclosans or any fillers or fragrances. So many of those ingredients can irritate your skin and some have been implicated in cancer studies. Once that is out of the way your next options are:

  • a basic cleanser for delicate skin
  • an exfoliating gel for deep cleaning

We carry both. We have a Rosehip Seed Oil which gently cleanses pores with a formula created from organic plant extracts and oils. This cleanser rinses away impurities and surface dirt while delivering healthy antioxidants to your skin for renewal and revitalization. This cleanser is ideal if your skin tends to breakout easily or be sensitive in any way. We also carry a wonderful exfoliating cleanser, Exfoliate Me. Excess oil, dead skin cells and surface impurities are removed by a formula that includes 10% glycolic acid and your skin is left glowing with health. Your complexion is fresh and pure and your face will thank you!

Both cleansers leave your skin smoother and cleaner allowing moisturizers to work more effectively and makeup to glide on more smoothly. You will be surprised at how beautiful you can look with two simple steps: paraben-free cleansing and moisturizing.

Learn more about Smooth Skin Systems skin cleansers.

I Washed My Face! Why do I Have to Exfoliate?

We all get in a hurry once in a while and we skip a step or two of our beauty regimen or (don’t tell anyone!) we run out of the house without making our beds. Women these days are busier than they have ever been and there is more pressure on them to look perfect at all times. No one really knows which steps we took this morning or which steps we didn’t. It doesn’t help that experts recommend exfoliating ever day, 2-3 times per week, and once a week, depending on who you are listening to.

Naturally, it is a personal choice and should be based on your skin type and your needs. But you do need to exfoliate on a regular basis and here is why. First,if  that soap you washed your face with is a typical bar or soft soap it often leaves a residue on skin. If you have hard water with a lot of minerals suspended in it your water may even leave a residue on your face. Last, your skin sheds almost continuously. That is what keeps us looking fresh and radiant and healthy. Skin cells naturally dry up and die while a new layer is being created underneath. When we wash the surface of the skin we may actually contribute to those same dead skin cells clogging the pores or making the skin look dull because the soap residue sits right on top of them.

A good exfoliating cleanser acts in several ways. First, it is especially formulated to gently clean the skin on your face. Second, it lifts away dead skin cells brightening the face and unclogging the pores. Finally, with a fresh face and happy open pores your moisturizer is better able to penetrate the skin cells and fight wrinkles and aging. Because your face cream went on more smoothly, your makeup also glides right on and produces that flawless effect we all strive for.

That makes exfoliating one of the best things you can do for your skin. If you are going to skip something don’t skip when it comes to cleaning your skin. Use Smooth Skin Systems Exfoliate Me ™ and get a clean you can feel!