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dry skin | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Your Skin is Your Body’s Biggest Organ

It’s true. The skin is the biggest organ of your body and one of the very most important. It is your barrier against disease, environmental toxins, and even assaults. Anything that comes at you encounters your skin first. If it is beautiful it is one of your greatest assets. If it is unsightly, pretty hair or eyes will not help.

My point is that giving your skin good daily care is important. Your skin needs a good blood supply and healthy hydration. The good blood supply can be achieved with exercise  and good nutrition. The hydration can be achieved by two means: internal and external. Internal hydration requires drinking plenty of water and eating green leafy vegetables and fruits. External hydration is achieved by body moisturizers and creams. Be glad you are not back in earlier times when people used animal fats and oils smeared on their body to protect their skin. Now we have sweeter smelling lotions and preparations we can use.

Our Mango Souffle™ is prepared just for you and your thirsty skin. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter rejuvenate and refresh dry skin. This lotion is perfect for the end of the day when you are tired, or you can smooth it on right after your shower in the morning or evening. The mango butter, shea butter, and other beneficial oils will begin to sink into your skin right away soothing and smoothing you. Your skin will feel silky from head to toe and you’ll be amazed at how light and refreshing it feels – it never clogs your pores!

Try this wonderful body cream today. It’s light enough for every day use. You’ll appreciate the therapeutic botanicals and the rich hyaluronic acid that penetrates skin cells giving you the moisture your skin needs to stay flexible and lovely. Don’t wait. Try our Mango Souffle today and experience the richness and pampering that only Smooth Skin Systems can achieve.

Is Dry Skin Making You Look Older?

A lot of factors can combine to create dry, damaged skin. Even in a young woman, climate and exposure can play a big part in a face that looks dry and lined. Many women who lead active lifestyles, skiing, cycling or hiking in an arid climate look many years older than they actually are. This is especially true in the Southeastern states.

Other factors can contribute to dry skin and they include hereditary factors – if your mother and dad both tend to have dry complexions you probably will too. Smoking, sun exposure and indoor dry-air heating can all contribute and make your skin drier than it should be.

Why does that even matter? The simple fact is this: moisture is what keeps your skin cells plump and smooth. When the skin cells lose moisture, the skin sags and wrinkles and fine lines form. Lips become crevassed and lines form from the nose down to the mouth. This can make any woman look older no matter what her age. It is not unusual for women to turn to injectible fillers, fats and collagens just to plump skin back up. Many times these measures are more drastic than are needed. The skin just needs to be moisturized more effectively.

What can we do to keep our skin hydrated? The first thing to do is to drink plenty of water. If your body is not well hydrated your skin is not either. Next, always wear a good sunblock when dealing with the environment. The UV rays of the sun are extremely damaging and wind and salt air can add another layer of damage. Protecting your face from those elements is key to looking beautiful with an active lifestyle.

Finally, use a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to hold a maximum amount of moisture into your skin. Choose a cleanser that is not harsh and won’t strip away the natural oils, use a night repair cream to really hydrate and nourish the skin allowing it to heal and replenish the natural moisture. You will be surprised at the difference and your skin will age more slowly with a higher level of care. Protect it and it will last you a lifetime of beautiful smiles! Read more about moisturizing and caring for dry skin here!

Maximum Moisture, Maximum Effectiveness

When I hear women talking about what they need done to their faces the litany of complaints and solutions always runs along the same topics; one way or another the complaint is wrinkles or sagging skin. You will hear women bemoaning crows feet, lines along the upper lip, wrinkles in the forehead, deep lines from nose to mouth, fine webby lines on cheeks, crepe-y lines and sagging under chin. And then the solutions start coming up in conversation and range from injecting botulism, collagen or fillers, all the way up to full facelifts. With a side conversation about painful peels and dermabrasion.

Here is the simple truth: skin looks webby and lined because it loses moisture. Yes, that is all there is to it. A multi-million dollar industry has sprung up based on the lack of moisture in an aging face. Dry skin sags, flakes, wrinkles, and caves in on itself taking the face from smooth and beautiful to lined and wrinkled. It isn’t a secret. And neither is the best and most effective way to deal with it: moisturize. That’s right. That’s the big top secret that the surgeons don’t want you to know. All you have to do is moisturize, moisturizes, moisturize.

When our skin is young, we produce collagen constantly. Our skin cells renew and repair themselves over and over while holding moisture in and sealing damaging environmental factors out. As skin ages that process slows down and time takes its toll. The skin cells dry, the renewal process slows and firmness and suppleness are lost. This shows more on the face and hands than anywhere else because they are the most exposed.

So what is the best response to the damage that age and sunlight have caused? Moisturize with a face cream that contains the best grade of hyaluronic acid possible. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in skin and the moister the skin is the higher concentrations of HA in the cells. Hyaluronic acid plays a big part not only in skin hydration but healing and cell renewal.

Consider a powerful skin hydration formula like Maximum Moisture to give your face the best look possible. Looking better does not have to cost a lot and hurt! Looking better can be as simple as restoring the body’s natural functions with natural ingredients and no parabens, added fragrances or animal testing! Try Maximum Moisture today!

Why Is Dry Such A Bad Word?

No matter what skincare site you visit, and ours is no exception, the biggest talk is about how to adequately moisturize your skin. There are various techniques and ingredients that are involved but the end goal is always to put fluid into your skin. Why is that? Why is wet better than dry?

moisturize your face with hyaluronic acidPerhaps our best example of the problems of dry would be a few dry leaves. The cells of the leaf get thinner, more brittle, less elastic and flexible. Next the leaf begins to discolor, and then, as more moisture is lost the leaf wrinkles, withers and is aged. Not the direction you want the delicate skin on your face to go. And it is obvious that those changes take place as we age. Other factors play a part too, smoking and sun-damage are obvious problems for skin; but the biggest factor is aging. We lose fluidity, we lose wetness, moisture, as we get older. That loss is hard on our skin and unkind to our face. Like the leaves we discolor, lose suppleness and smoothness. Suddenly, we have wrinkles.

So do we really want our face to be wet? In a word, yes. But not on the outside, on the inside. When you rub a cream into your face you will notice your skin cells soak it up and in a minute your skin feels smoother and there is no cream on the surface. That is because dry skin cells soak up revitalizing moisture and the cells become more flexible and soft. If the facial cream has beneficial ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid or Squalane, the cells soak those ingredients in and collagen production is stimulated and the cell begins to lose its aged appearance. It is a natural phenomena and one that happens continuously when we are young. But as we age, our skin needs assistance to stay hydrated. Sometimes the best thing to do is use an overnight moisturizing cream to allow the skins natural healing functions to work while we sleep. A product like Nocturne can be the most helpful for dry skin. Try Nocturne night cream and see how beneficial a little moisture can be!