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collagen | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Problem Skin not a Problem!

Do you suffer from blemishes, oily skin, or acne? Sometimes our skin seems to be its own worst enemy and we are not sure what to do to get that even and smooth complexion that always seems just out of reach.

Exfoliating and cleansing are part of the answer. Skin that is breaking out is more sensitive and more easily irritated skin and keeping it free of dead skin cells and environmental particles is absolutely key to keeping it from getting inflamed. Using a glycolic acid gel cleanser is the gentlest way to cleanse the skin thoroughly without irritating it. Some exfoliation systems use crystals or particles to clean away dead skin, but skin that has broken out will find that irritating and the breakout area will be redder. By using a glycolic acid gel, natural ingredients from sugar cane gently dissolve away impurities and give the skin a chance to heal and renew naturally. This leaves the skin looking cleaner and more radiant after just the first cleaning.

Repeated cleanings will help promote cellular renewal by encouraging collagen production which firms and smooths the skin naturally. You will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and making Exfoliate Me a part of your daily cleansing routine will continue the process to a smoother, more lovely complexion.

Best of all, Exfoliate Me is made with no artificial fragrances or preservatives. It is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, triclosan free, and SLS free so your skin will be cleansed with a no-toxins formula that you can count on.

Order Exfoliate Me with confidence. All Smooth Skin Systems products are shipped quickly to your home or office and are paraben-free and cruelty-free with a money-gack guarantee. You can buy with confidence and then tell your friends what the secret of your “new skin” is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Exfoliate Me today!

Renewing Youth Visibly

Articles are written every day about how women do not see themselves realistically. We do not perceive ourselves as others perceive us and we tend to be harder on ourselves. We tend to be more negative and more fault finding. What can we do to change that? Some of it is triggered by things we can do nothing about, things that happened in our past or things we saw or experienced when we were growing up.

But sometimes very simple things trigger how we view ourselves especially as we consider aging. The perception of “I look old” or “I look like my mother” is one none of us enjoys. We endure painful injections, and even resort to surgery to make ourselves feel as if we look younger. But what if it was more simple than that? What if we really could just look younger. Don’t be shocked but the truth is that we can. When it comes to the skin on our faces a variety of factors affect aging. Smoking, environmental factors and sun damage can all make our skin age, wrinkle, and droop. But how do they do that? Simply by drying the skin out. That’s really what is happening.

As you age, your skin loses moisture, loses collagen, and cells deplete and collapse. Skin sags and first fine lines and then wrinkles form. Your skin at forty does not have the renewing properties of rebuilding collagen supplies and plumping itself back up that your skin did at twenty. But you can overcome that.

It sounds simplistic to say, “just moisturize” but in many ways that is exactly what we are saying. We would just like to add that moisturizing intelligently is the key. Slapping any old greasy preparation on your face will not slow the visible effects of aging. In fact, if your chosen cold cream contains parabens you are actually potentially aging your skin faster! But if you chose an anti-aging preparation that contains Retinol, the form of Vitamin A that can be applied to skin, you will be moisturizing and, more importantly, stimulating collagen production to reduce damage to skin. That is what your skin wants and needs, to renew the capability it had at youth to renew and repair cells and stimulate the necessary collagen that skin needs to be smooth and supple. So renew yourself with Renew Youth™ and let the anti-aging begin!

Do You Feel Peppy About Peptides?

Chances are you don’t! If you are like most women, you have heard about peptides but the word just sounds funny. Dr. Oz and other professionals talk about peptides like they are the most exciting thing but you almost have to be a scientist to get excited about a chemical name. But, like many of us you may have begun to at least feel that peptides may have something for you.

They do, and this is why! Your skin, like all of your body, has natural defenses and ways of renewing itself. In the case of skin, your most important thing is a protein called collagen. Collagen is not just in your skin, it makes up anywhere from 25 – 25% of the protein in our bodies. It is fibrous and forms the connective tissue necessary in our spinal disks, in our joints, and of course in our skin. As collagen deteriorates, part of that process is the peptides that are created. And the presence of those peptides tells the skin it is time to produce more collagen. So peptides = more production of collagen! In young skin, that happens very naturally. In older skin, the process slows down and the result is sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The very things that make us look older. That’s where peptides come in.

By using a face cream rich in peptides, your skin is encouraged to renew itself the way it did when it was younger! Instead of injecting fillers under the skin, a messy and sometimes disastrous cosmetic procedure, you use a peptide-enhanced moisturizer and it penetrates the skin cells and collagen production begins. The skin begins to be firmer, smoother, silkier, and more naturally young-looking. So peptides may have a silly or strange sounding name, but the benefit of using them has been an amazing breakthrough in the science of skin care.

Imagine, instead of a painful and intrusive method of trying to artificially plump up your skin, you are using your skin’s own renewing system! Ready to start looking more youthful? Peptide 6 is the opportunity you have been looking for. We have fast shipping and a great guarantee so you do not need to worry. Try Peptide 6 anti-aging cream today!

paraben-free face cream

Tomorrow is Here Today

That probably sounds like a silly statement but we mean it. When it comes to skin care and to anti-aging research, tomorrow is here right now. To see how far we have come in a short while, let’s dwell on yesterday for just a short moment.

How many times have you glanced at supermarket tabloids and seen terrible sights on the cover? It is often a celebrity who has had that one-too-many surgical procedure or collagen injection. Or you run into an old friend at a restaurant and her face looks like a mask. Or another friend cannot get together for three or four weeks while she heals from a face lift or other disfiguring treatment. That was yesterday. Enduring pain, dealing with ugly and sometimes permanent results, all are a part of what we think of as the primitive beginnings of beauty science.

You look beautiful today and there is no reason for you to have harsh chemicals poured on your face or a knife or a needle coming near it. Your face and, indeed, all of your skin, has the ability to keep itself fresh, renewed and radiant every single day of your life. What science has uncovered is that there are very specific chemical processes at work under the surface of your skin. These factors make all the difference:

  • Are your skin cells fully hydrated?
  • Does your skin have enough collagen?
  • Are peptides actively at work making collagen?
  • Is Hyaluronic Acid present sufficiently to tell your skin to produce more collagen?
  • Is your skin receiving enough protection from the sun?
  • Are your skin cells renewing themselves regularly?

The answer is not to grab a needle and try stabbing the collagen under your skin; the answer is to provide the skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid and retinol in effective enough concentrations to encourage and assist the skin to achieve the same beautiful results it did when you were 20. The answer is to trust the healing processes of the body to do what they do best with a little help from a good anti-aging skincare cream or two.

Managing your skin’s renewal using the same things nature has provided instead of surgical procedures just makes sense. It is the future of your beautiful face and skin. Say good-bye to yesterday.