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Acne | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Middle Age Acne? How Can This Be?!

One of the more distressing surprises for a woman is to suddenly have blemishes, blackheads, and pimples begin appearing again two decades after she thought she was through with all that.

Hormone changes throughout life can aggravate the skin and create red spots, lumps, discolorations and more even in a woman’s forties or beyond. What can you do when this happens? First, see your doctor. Your breakout may require antibiotics to manage infection or be the sign of other medical problems. It is important to rule that out.

Next, thorough but gentle cleansing will help prevent bacteria from forming and exacerbating the system. We recommend an AHA gel cleanser because it exfoliates and cleans without scrubbing the skin and irritating sensitive areas. Our Exfoliate Me™ gel cleanser should do the trick for you. Your skin should feel clean but not sore or sensitive.

Next, we suggest the power of Vitamin A in a moisturizing blend that glides onto your skin and penetrates cells to speed healing and promote a smoother, more radiant complexion. Our ReNew Youth product contains the maximum amount of Retinol you can buy without a prescription. Long known for its power to banish pimples and breakouts, Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and a potent antioxidant. Your skin will appreciate it and you’ll love the improved look and feel.

Don’t feel that you are helpless to prevent or manage breakouts. Your doctor can do a lot to help and there are products right here at Smooth Skin Systems formulated especially for these challenges. You’re not in this fight alone, all of our products are designed to help you achieve the most lustrous and lovely skin you’ve ever had.

Try Exfoliate Me™ or ReNew Youth™ today and discover a world of difference. You’ll be glad you did!


How Do I Deal With Middle Age Blemishes?

You have left puberty way behind and experienced the delight that comes when your skin finally clears up. It becomes less oily and greasy, less prone to white heads, black heads and pimples. You may be a few years older in your late twenties and early thirties but chances are your skin looks the best it has ever looked. You are in the prime of your complexion’s life!

This is the era that is very free of worries and cares as far as skin goes. As long as you can remember to do four simple things you will probably look great:

  • Protect your skin with a good sun block,
  • Clean your face with a skin cleanser not a harsh bar of soap,
  • Exfoliate as needed, and
  • Moisturize well.

And every day you go out the door looking great! And then your forties come around. It may happen to you sooner rather than later, maybe it will not happen to you at all. But the forties are when many women experience pre- and peri-menopause and the hormone swings that go with them. Suddenly you have mood swings, bloating, sleepless nights! Suddenly, you look in the mirror one morning and – what’s that? A blemish is starting on your chin! Or some other prominent spot of your face.

First the good news, this is temporary. Your hormones will not act like this forever. This may be a very short phase you are going through. Now, the second piece of good news. If you switch to a very gentle but thorough cleanser, you can moderate or reduce the amount of breakouts. The key is twofold: you want to clean out those clogged pores, and you want to be very careful not to irritate the skin any more than it already is. A large part of the visibility of a blemish is the irritation of the skin around the surface spot. The redness marks the area even more than the pimple itself. So do not scrub at those spots or use anything harsh on them.

Smooth Skin Systems Rose Hip Seed Oil is a very effective cleanser for damaged or irritated skin. The gentle Castile soap cleans without SLS or parabens and keeps the pores open and breathing. Vitamin C and beta-carotene promote healing and enhance the freshness of your face. Acne, rosacea, or just the occasional breakout will benefit from the use of this gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

Ready to buy our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser? Click here and begin renewing your skin!

Rose Hip Seed Oil Promotes Healing, Soothes Damaged Skin


Is Chocolate Bad For Your Skin?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Every few years the rumor surfaces that chocolate causes blemishes and breakouts. As women get older, blemishes may return and the fear that chocolate plays a role in the breakout may return too. Additionally, women who worry about weight may claim that chocolate goes straight to their hips.

Actually, neither is true. Any candy is made up of sugar, fats, salt and other flavorings. And we all know sugar is not good for us but it depends on how much you eat. Women who eat a few pieces of chocolate on Valentine’s Day are not likely to wake up the next morning with a crop of pimples or hips two sizes bigger. But if chocolate is not what causes blemishes and facial breakouts, then what does? For the most part, acne is a condition that is linked to puberty and other hormone changes. These hormones cause increased seborrhea (oil production) which leads to the formation of blemishes. Other than hormone and inflammatory regulation, the best possible treatment is just to clean the face very gently with a good quality skin cleanser.

A Glycolic Acid Gel Cleanser like Exfoliate Me can be an effective solution in your fight against blemishes, large pores, or oily skin. Exfoliate Me contains natural alpha hydroxy acid from organic sugar cane. Your complexion will appreciate the cleaning and you will enjoy less noticeable lines and wrinkles, smoother skin, and removal of dull, dead surface skin cells and impurities.  The results are smoother, softer, more radiant skin and a happier you! You can purchase Exfoliate Me right here from Smooth Skin Systems and begin enjoying your loveliest face! Simply click this link: Exfoliate Me Glycolic Acid Cleanser.

Then go back to enjoying your Valentine’s Day chocolate with no guilt whatsoever. You know your face is going to look lovely!