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Mature Skin – Gorgeous at Any Age!

What are the biggest complaints of women who are “a certain age?” Generally, the number one complaint is wrinkles. Whether it is wrinkles in the face, under the chin, or on the neck, the wrinkles signal age in a way few other things do. The second complaint is uneven pigmentation. There may be lighter spots, spider veins, or brown spots known as hyper-pigmentation. Two main complaints, three main causes:

  • Sun Damage
  • Lack of Hydration
  • Smoking

If you lived every day of your life in a protected cocoon with little intense sunlight, no cigarets, and plenty of water, you would probably look smooth and unlined with evenly creamy skin until age 70 or more. But we don’t, do we? We live life, we swim and sail, and ski. We raise children and laugh and deal with stress. And many of us smoked when we were younger or drink a few too many glasses of wine now. What is a woman to do?

Some of it is simple. While we cannot turn back the time, good cleansers, Vitamin A, and exfoliating scrubs can help minimize discoloration and uneven tone in skin. Keeping the pores clean and gently removing dead skin goes a long way to making the basic skin look more evenly pigmented. Then there is hydration. When we are young, collagen keeps our skin plump and supple. When we grow older, collagen production slows, hydration is lost and skin sags, stretches and collapses in on itself causing wrinkles and lines. That same skin will respond to moisturizers and to peptides that help encourage renewal and collagen production.

Using a deep night repair cream like Nocturne™ and a good peptide cream like Peptide 6™ helps the skin renew itself the way it did when you were young. It helps skin cells hold in moisture and rebuild cells which, in turn, makes fine lines fade away and wrinkles are reduced and sometimes considerably diminished. Don’t assume there is no help for mature skin. We have a mature skin regimen that can do a lot for your skin. Just click here!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

We hear from a very young age that our bodies are mostly water. Wikipedia tells us that 71% of the earth is covered with water and that all life as we know it depends on water. In its simplest sense water is a solvent meaning that it dissolves things. It is so basic to us that without water we cannot accomplish the basics of metabolism. We simply cannot carry out life.

As an infant, we rely on our mother’s milk to provide complete nutrition. Milk does so while being mostly water with some nutrients suspended in it. This is because water is necessary for growth. When we are young are parents tell us to drink our water but as we get older and live on our own pure water is often replaced with sodas, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks. The result of this failure to drink enough pure water is accelerated aging. It is as simple as this: when something dries out it shrivels, it withers. In order to maintain youth, in order to replenish our bodies, we must take in water in adequate quantities.

One of the reasons moisturizers are so effective as anti-aging creams is that they sink into the skin and penetrate the skin cells. The ingredients in the anti-wrinkle formulas usually include a chemical that is superior at holding water like Hyaluronic Acid. Once this penetrates your skin, the cells hold water more easily which keeps them from shriveling or sagging. It’s simply away of making sure that water is available to the cell for all its functions.That’s what you need to stay hydrated: fresh water to drink and a good Hyaluronic Face cream to aid your skin in holding water. Staying youthful does not have to depend on expensive and painful surgery, just water.

When it’s put that way it really seems obvious doesn’t it!? Get plenty of water every day by drinking and using a high quality HA moisturizer.

Choose from several products of Smooth Skin Systems that contain Hyaluronic Acid.

How Do I Deal With Middle Age Blemishes?

You have left puberty way behind and experienced the delight that comes when your skin finally clears up. It becomes less oily and greasy, less prone to white heads, black heads and pimples. You may be a few years older in your late twenties and early thirties but chances are your skin looks the best it has ever looked. You are in the prime of your complexion’s life!

This is the era that is very free of worries and cares as far as skin goes. As long as you can remember to do four simple things you will probably look great:

  • Protect your skin with a good sun block,
  • Clean your face with a skin cleanser not a harsh bar of soap,
  • Exfoliate as needed, and
  • Moisturize well.

And every day you go out the door looking great! And then your forties come around. It may happen to you sooner rather than later, maybe it will not happen to you at all. But the forties are when many women experience pre- and peri-menopause and the hormone swings that go with them. Suddenly you have mood swings, bloating, sleepless nights! Suddenly, you look in the mirror one morning and – what’s that? A blemish is starting on your chin! Or some other prominent spot of your face.

First the good news, this is temporary. Your hormones will not act like this forever. This may be a very short phase you are going through. Now, the second piece of good news. If you switch to a very gentle but thorough cleanser, you can moderate or reduce the amount of breakouts. The key is twofold: you want to clean out those clogged pores, and you want to be very careful not to irritate the skin any more than it already is. A large part of the visibility of a blemish is the irritation of the skin around the surface spot. The redness marks the area even more than the pimple itself. So do not scrub at those spots or use anything harsh on them.

Smooth Skin Systems Rose Hip Seed Oil is a very effective cleanser for damaged or irritated skin. The gentle Castile soap cleans without SLS or parabens and keeps the pores open and breathing. Vitamin C and beta-carotene promote healing and enhance the freshness of your face. Acne, rosacea, or just the occasional breakout will benefit from the use of this gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

Ready to buy our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser? Click here and begin renewing your skin!

Rose Hip Seed Oil Promotes Healing, Soothes Damaged Skin


What Are You Looking For?

Running a business that caters to women can be both exhilarating and challenging all at once. Women are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Even focusing on one specific area like the facial skin care, there is still a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to be made. Many people have asked us so we are writing this little blog post to explain how we came up with a product line that we believe women are looking for.

It began, naturally, with talking to women. Women had a lot of things they wanted a face cream to do that the felt was not being met by the existing industry. For one thing, they all agreed they wanted something that could slow or even reverse aging. As extreme as that might seem, in today’s sophisticated research laboratories it is not that unreasonable a desire. The mechanism by which skin ages is understood. The things that occur that make skin look older are also well understood. Skin, in a teen and early 20′s woman, renews itself by a simple process. When it begins to run low on collagen it simply creates more. So skin care that wants to stop the effects of aging must do two things: penetrate the skin to get deep into the cells where they depletion is taking place and stimulate collagen production and hydration. The concept is simple. Skin cells that lose moisture collapse and form wrinkles. Skin cells that retain moisture and stay hydrated are smooth and  firm. That is where ingredients like Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid that are key to modern skin revitalization come in.

Women also did not want potentially harmful estrogen mimics in their skin creams. That seems so obvious it is amazing it had to be stated. But cosmetics companies have for years been using preservatives like Parabens even though there are possible links between parabens and breast cancer, and parabens have been shown to accelerate aging!

No wonder women did not want them used in skin care products! So when we created Smooth Skin Systems products we put in the highest quality medical-grade anti-aging ingredients currently available. We left out potentially harmful chemicals and wasteful fillers and anything that might irritate a woman’s face. What is left is just what women asked for: safe, effective anti-aging skin care products. It’s just that simple!

What is the Best Method of Cleaning Your Face?

There are so many choices for a woman today when it comes to cleaning her face. Some women feel that the make-up removing wipes have done the job for them and don’t do anything further. Other women follow make-up removal by thoroughly washing their faces with a bar soap. Still others use a branded skin cleanser for both make-up removal and skin cleansing. Which way is right?

A lot depends on your skin, of course. Any cleansing product that makes you break out, irritates, or leaves your skin feeling dry, needs to be discarded. That product is not for you. Your face deserves something gentle and effective for a daily cleansing and a bar of shower soap is not the answer.

You may want to try a cleanser and exfoliation product that will leave your face clean and radiant while promoting collagen renewal and keeping pores beautifully pristine. Using a glycolic acid cleanser strips away excess oils and dead, flaky skin which reduces acne blemishes and clogged pores. You will notice that your skin has a soft, supple surface and that make-up goes on more smoothly and flawlessly. Moisturizers are more effective because dead cells are not soaking up the hydrating goodness.

How often should you exfoliate? The truth is that it is entirely up to you. Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Acid cleanser is gentle enough that you can use it daily without irritation to your skin. If you prefer to use it less often, plan a schedule and follow it so you do not get a build up of dead cells and environmental impurities. The important thing is that your complexion gets the care and the cleansing it needs for you to look your best. When you retire for the night your make-up should be off and your face glowing, clean, and moisturized.

Exfoliate Me™ is formulated to be gentle and non-irritating. It contains no parabens, no SLS, nothing with possible harmful side-effects. Additionally, it is not tested on animals and contains no artificial fragrance, no fillers, no chemical preservatives. You get the most benefit from the highest quality ingredients so your face is clean and beautiful day after day. Buy Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Acid Cleanser for a clear, clean beauty!


Renewing Youth Visibly

Articles are written every day about how women do not see themselves realistically. We do not perceive ourselves as others perceive us and we tend to be harder on ourselves. We tend to be more negative and more fault finding. What can we do to change that? Some of it is triggered by things we can do nothing about, things that happened in our past or things we saw or experienced when we were growing up.

But sometimes very simple things trigger how we view ourselves especially as we consider aging. The perception of “I look old” or “I look like my mother” is one none of us enjoys. We endure painful injections, and even resort to surgery to make ourselves feel as if we look younger. But what if it was more simple than that? What if we really could just look younger. Don’t be shocked but the truth is that we can. When it comes to the skin on our faces a variety of factors affect aging. Smoking, environmental factors and sun damage can all make our skin age, wrinkle, and droop. But how do they do that? Simply by drying the skin out. That’s really what is happening.

As you age, your skin loses moisture, loses collagen, and cells deplete and collapse. Skin sags and first fine lines and then wrinkles form. Your skin at forty does not have the renewing properties of rebuilding collagen supplies and plumping itself back up that your skin did at twenty. But you can overcome that.

It sounds simplistic to say, “just moisturize” but in many ways that is exactly what we are saying. We would just like to add that moisturizing intelligently is the key. Slapping any old greasy preparation on your face will not slow the visible effects of aging. In fact, if your chosen cold cream contains parabens you are actually potentially aging your skin faster! But if you chose an anti-aging preparation that contains Retinol, the form of Vitamin A that can be applied to skin, you will be moisturizing and, more importantly, stimulating collagen production to reduce damage to skin. That is what your skin wants and needs, to renew the capability it had at youth to renew and repair cells and stimulate the necessary collagen that skin needs to be smooth and supple. So renew yourself with Renew Youth™ and let the anti-aging begin!

Sensitive Skin Can be Beautiful

Many women have sensitive skin. Some are born with a tendency to react more strongly to ingredients that other people do not have a problem with such as artificial fragrances or other additives that are blended into skin care products. Still others may have a medical condition such as acne or rosacea that leave skin broken or raw. In those cases, women often feel there are no products formulated for them to use. Nothing that can be applied to their face without an unpleasant reaction or discomfort.

At Smooth Skin Systems we believe every woman should have the opportunity to look beautiful so we have a whole section of our site that gives guidance to women who are shopping with delicate skin in mind. One of our favorite choices is a cleanser that was created exactly for women who are struggling with rosacea, acne or have other reasons for searching for the most gentle of cleansers.

This wonderful Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser has the goodness of Vitamin C and the purity of Olive Oil Castile Soap with carotene to slow aging. Omega Fatty Acids renew and refresh the skin while antioxidants help to fight the free radicals that cause aging. Washing with this cleanser removes makeup and impurities from skin, and aids to reduce redness. Exfoliating properties help leave skin as clean and fresh as it can be to promote healing and retard the formation of wrinkles.

Will it work on your skin? You can try with confidence thanks to our 90-day guarantee. You can start enjoying a fresh, clean face very quickly with our free priority shipping. Our Rose Hip Seed Oil is totally paraben-free, has no artificial fragrances, and is not tested on animals.

Buy Smooth Skin Systems Rose Hip Seed Oil today or learn more about this product by clicking here


Paraben Free Skin Cleansers

All day long people are washing their hands but it is amazing how much environmental exposure the face gets. It is in front of us all day long with smoke, sun, pollen and anything wind-borne drifting right onto it. As well, the skin on our faces gets covered with moisturizer, dripped on by shampoo, and made up so we look pretty every day. Then we use some wipes to remove the makeup and the residue from the wipes is added to the load our pores are carrying.

We can’t hear it, but our faces are crying, “enough!” Now all we have to decide is what cleanser to buy.  The first thing to make sure is that it does not contain parabens, triclosans or any fillers or fragrances. So many of those ingredients can irritate your skin and some have been implicated in cancer studies. Once that is out of the way your next options are:

  • a basic cleanser for delicate skin
  • an exfoliating gel for deep cleaning

We carry both. We have a Rosehip Seed Oil which gently cleanses pores with a formula created from organic plant extracts and oils. This cleanser rinses away impurities and surface dirt while delivering healthy antioxidants to your skin for renewal and revitalization. This cleanser is ideal if your skin tends to breakout easily or be sensitive in any way. We also carry a wonderful exfoliating cleanser, Exfoliate Me. Excess oil, dead skin cells and surface impurities are removed by a formula that includes 10% glycolic acid and your skin is left glowing with health. Your complexion is fresh and pure and your face will thank you!

Both cleansers leave your skin smoother and cleaner allowing moisturizers to work more effectively and makeup to glide on more smoothly. You will be surprised at how beautiful you can look with two simple steps: paraben-free cleansing and moisturizing.

Learn more about Smooth Skin Systems skin cleansers.

Is Dry Skin Making You Look Older?

A lot of factors can combine to create dry, damaged skin. Even in a young woman, climate and exposure can play a big part in a face that looks dry and lined. Many women who lead active lifestyles, skiing, cycling or hiking in an arid climate look many years older than they actually are. This is especially true in the Southeastern states.

Other factors can contribute to dry skin and they include hereditary factors – if your mother and dad both tend to have dry complexions you probably will too. Smoking, sun exposure and indoor dry-air heating can all contribute and make your skin drier than it should be.

Why does that even matter? The simple fact is this: moisture is what keeps your skin cells plump and smooth. When the skin cells lose moisture, the skin sags and wrinkles and fine lines form. Lips become crevassed and lines form from the nose down to the mouth. This can make any woman look older no matter what her age. It is not unusual for women to turn to injectible fillers, fats and collagens just to plump skin back up. Many times these measures are more drastic than are needed. The skin just needs to be moisturized more effectively.

What can we do to keep our skin hydrated? The first thing to do is to drink plenty of water. If your body is not well hydrated your skin is not either. Next, always wear a good sunblock when dealing with the environment. The UV rays of the sun are extremely damaging and wind and salt air can add another layer of damage. Protecting your face from those elements is key to looking beautiful with an active lifestyle.

Finally, use a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to hold a maximum amount of moisture into your skin. Choose a cleanser that is not harsh and won’t strip away the natural oils, use a night repair cream to really hydrate and nourish the skin allowing it to heal and replenish the natural moisture. You will be surprised at the difference and your skin will age more slowly with a higher level of care. Protect it and it will last you a lifetime of beautiful smiles! Read more about moisturizing and caring for dry skin here!

Maximum Moisture, Maximum Effectiveness

When I hear women talking about what they need done to their faces the litany of complaints and solutions always runs along the same topics; one way or another the complaint is wrinkles or sagging skin. You will hear women bemoaning crows feet, lines along the upper lip, wrinkles in the forehead, deep lines from nose to mouth, fine webby lines on cheeks, crepe-y lines and sagging under chin. And then the solutions start coming up in conversation and range from injecting botulism, collagen or fillers, all the way up to full facelifts. With a side conversation about painful peels and dermabrasion.

Here is the simple truth: skin looks webby and lined because it loses moisture. Yes, that is all there is to it. A multi-million dollar industry has sprung up based on the lack of moisture in an aging face. Dry skin sags, flakes, wrinkles, and caves in on itself taking the face from smooth and beautiful to lined and wrinkled. It isn’t a secret. And neither is the best and most effective way to deal with it: moisturize. That’s right. That’s the big top secret that the surgeons don’t want you to know. All you have to do is moisturize, moisturizes, moisturize.

When our skin is young, we produce collagen constantly. Our skin cells renew and repair themselves over and over while holding moisture in and sealing damaging environmental factors out. As skin ages that process slows down and time takes its toll. The skin cells dry, the renewal process slows and firmness and suppleness are lost. This shows more on the face and hands than anywhere else because they are the most exposed.

So what is the best response to the damage that age and sunlight have caused? Moisturize with a face cream that contains the best grade of hyaluronic acid possible. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in skin and the moister the skin is the higher concentrations of HA in the cells. Hyaluronic acid plays a big part not only in skin hydration but healing and cell renewal.

Consider a powerful skin hydration formula like Maximum Moisture to give your face the best look possible. Looking better does not have to cost a lot and hurt! Looking better can be as simple as restoring the body’s natural functions with natural ingredients and no parabens, added fragrances or animal testing! Try Maximum Moisture today!