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Extreme Weather and Your Skin | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Extreme Cold Weather

This is the week of the “polar vortex” storm that is paralyzing parts of Canada and the Mid-West and it can have more of an affect on your skin and your general health and well-being than you might expect.

First, do everything you can not to be caught out in extreme cold. Your skin is the part of your body icy temperatures first encounter and your extremities and your face can be subject to frost bite. Keep as covered as possible.

Second, stay as hydrated as possible. Not only does indoor heating deplete your body’s stores of moisture, shivering and burning calories to stay warm can also use more water than you normally would. You won’t be as thirsty in very cold weather as you would be in summer but you need water just as much, maybe more.

You may be chilly but even if you skip every other part of your beauty regimen while you’re shivering in front of that pretty wood stove, do not neglect your moisturizer. It will help keep the dry heat and excessive cold from affecting your skin, and it can penetrate to deliver moisture right to your facial skin cells.

If you must go out, dress in multiple layers. In the event that the outer layer becomes wet it can keep the snow or sleet away from your skin and when you are somewhere warmer you can take off that layer and let it dry out before putting it back on. Wear a ski mask or other covering over your face. If you do not have one, wrap a scarf or other fabric around your face to keep your skin protected and tuck it under a hat or the hood of a coat.

Finally, when the extreme weather finally lets up, use a good exfoliator to clean off the dry and dead skin cells, then follow with a deep hydrator like Hydrospherex™ that will penetrate and refill depleted cells. Stay warm!

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