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Smooth Skin Systems Blog | Smooth Skin Systems Blog

Middle Age Acne? How Can This Be?!

One of the more distressing surprises for a woman is to suddenly have blemishes, blackheads, and pimples begin appearing again two decades after she thought she was through with all that.

Hormone changes throughout life can aggravate the skin and create red spots, lumps, discolorations and more even in a woman’s forties or beyond. What can you do when this happens? First, see your doctor. Your breakout may require antibiotics to manage infection or be the sign of other medical problems. It is important to rule that out.

Next, thorough but gentle cleansing will help prevent bacteria from forming and exacerbating the system. We recommend an AHA gel cleanser because it exfoliates and cleans without scrubbing the skin and irritating sensitive areas. Our Exfoliate Me™ gel cleanser should do the trick for you. Your skin should feel clean but not sore or sensitive.

Next, we suggest the power of Vitamin A in a moisturizing blend that glides onto your skin and penetrates cells to speed healing and promote a smoother, more radiant complexion. Our ReNew Youth product contains the maximum amount of Retinol you can buy without a prescription. Long known for its power to banish pimples and breakouts, Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and a potent antioxidant. Your skin will appreciate it and you’ll love the improved look and feel.

Don’t feel that you are helpless to prevent or manage breakouts. Your doctor can do a lot to help and there are products right here at Smooth Skin Systems formulated especially for these challenges. You’re not in this fight alone, all of our products are designed to help you achieve the most lustrous and lovely skin you’ve ever had.

Try Exfoliate Me™ or ReNew Youth™ today and discover a world of difference. You’ll be glad you did!


Problem Skin not a Problem!

Do you suffer from blemishes, oily skin, or acne? Sometimes our skin seems to be its own worst enemy and we are not sure what to do to get that even and smooth complexion that always seems just out of reach.

Exfoliating and cleansing are part of the answer. Skin that is breaking out is more sensitive and more easily irritated skin and keeping it free of dead skin cells and environmental particles is absolutely key to keeping it from getting inflamed. Using a glycolic acid gel cleanser is the gentlest way to cleanse the skin thoroughly without irritating it. Some exfoliation systems use crystals or particles to clean away dead skin, but skin that has broken out will find that irritating and the breakout area will be redder. By using a glycolic acid gel, natural ingredients from sugar cane gently dissolve away impurities and give the skin a chance to heal and renew naturally. This leaves the skin looking cleaner and more radiant after just the first cleaning.

Repeated cleanings will help promote cellular renewal by encouraging collagen production which firms and smooths the skin naturally. You will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and making Exfoliate Me a part of your daily cleansing routine will continue the process to a smoother, more lovely complexion.

Best of all, Exfoliate Me is made with no artificial fragrances or preservatives. It is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, triclosan free, and SLS free so your skin will be cleansed with a no-toxins formula that you can count on.

Order Exfoliate Me with confidence. All Smooth Skin Systems products are shipped quickly to your home or office and are paraben-free and cruelty-free with a money-gack guarantee. You can buy with confidence and then tell your friends what the secret of your “new skin” is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Exfoliate Me today!

Living With Rosacea

Rosacea presents itself primarily in red splotches on the face, especially the cheeks and forehead, and the skin is sensitive and irritated. Topical steroids can make it worse, harsh cleansers can exacerbate the condition, fragrances can aggravate the skin. Additionally, some foods and environmental situations can cause flareups.

Generally, Rosacea sufferers are advised to avoid foods that are strongly spicy, contain caffeine, or contain alcohol. All of these are foods or beverages that can bring a blush to the skin and this additional blood flow to the surface of the skin can trigger the Rosacea. Extremes of hot or cold, excessive sun exposure, stress, and heavy exercise are considered to be factors in Rosacea outbreaks.

Women with Rosacea generally should avoid microdermabrasion and chemical peels. It is also important to avoid strong chemical cleansers, products containing parabens or fragrances, and products that contain SLS or formaldehydes. Then what should a woman use who wants to look her best, fight aging, and have smooth skin if she is also dealing with Rosacea?

We recommend first a gentle but effective cleanser such as our Rosehip Seed Oil for cleansing the face without irritating it. The Rosehip Seed Oil will gently clean away pore-blocking impurities and makeup. After you gently pat dry, the addition of a good moisturizer will help keep the skin calm and soothed. We recommend our Peptide 6® anti-aging face cream with six peptides to minimize the effects of aging and promote collagen renewal plus Hyaluronic Acid to restore moisture deep in skin cells for better smoothness and firmness.

These products cannot cure Rosacea, but they are especially formulated to not irritate your delicate skin and to moisturize and smooth your face in the most effective manner possible. What does that mean to you? It means that you feel better, your skin feels less irritated, you look better and more radiant.

Your Best Look

There is an old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and even though that is a clever little cliche, it is also the truth. That is why it is a mistake to focus on makeup or wardrobe if you skimp on skincare. We all admit that a beautiful outfit can really make our mood lift and our confidence soar but what is happening in the eye of the beholder? Maybe they are impressed with our outfit, but if our skin looks dull, tired, old or wrinkled, that skin will make as big an impression or bigger, than the outfit did.

Glowing skin will not help much if you are wearing unsightly clothes but good skin care and a fashionable wardrobe together are simply an unbeatable combination. You want to watch someone walking towards you see that beautiful dress, glance up, take a look at your face, and begin to smile. It’s all part of the same package; all part of your basic allure. After that, mascara and lipstick, a bangle bracelet or diamond stud earrings are the finishing touches, or icing on the cake!

There are some basic steps to taking care of your skin and they do not have to be complicated. Your skin needs hydration. That means drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer on exposed parts of your skin that take a beating from the sun and the environment. That also means protecting your skin from the rays of the sun with a full-spectrum sunscreen or sun block.

Cleansing is a must with a cleanser made for your skin and gentle enough not to irritate it. Additionally, your skin builds up dead skin cells so you will want to use a good exfoliation gel or cream on your face and hands so that your skin is smooth and fresh. Next, a moisturizer for daily use is necessary on face, hands, throat and decollete. Really, that takes care of the basics of skin care.

Is there more? Of course! You may consider your neck a problem area or be concerned about dark circles under your eyes. There are special creams for that and many other problem areas. But if you take care of the basics you will look like a million dollars, especially in that designer dress.

Ready to make your skin happy? Find the best medical grade skincare products right here at Smooth Skin Systems!


You Have the Most Beautiful Eyes

What do you do to make your eyes beautiful? If you are like most women you start with a little concealer and foundation, work your way through eye shadow (one or two tones), eye liner, and finally mascara. If it is evening you may go the extra mile and add false eyelashes. If you are Lady Gaga you can put them on first thing in the morning!

But before you do all of that, taking care of your eyes should be part of your daily beauty regimen. You will not need to use as much concealer and eye make up if your eyes look fresh and sparkling to begin with, and that means that you have to avoid having dark circles and puffiness.

The most effective way of dealing with tired-looking eyes is with Vitamin K, Arnica Montana, and Rice Bran. Add in some hyaluronic acid to moisturize away those fine lines at the corners, and your eyes begin to recover that youthful brightness. You see, the way Vitamin K works is by encouraging blood flow around the eyes, that helps reduce the reason for the dark circles. The Arnica Montana reduces darkening and diminishes swelling to keep the puffiness at bay. Then the Rice Bran extract lightens the dark pigmentation. Using a Vitamin K cream regularly can produce noticeable results that your friends will envy.

You can spend less time with concealer and heavy applications of eye makeup because your eyes are shining and beautiful to begin with. Then, anything additional you do just makes you look that much more amazing.

Give your eyes the power of Vitamin K in an easy-to-use under-eye cream that really works to banish dark circles and see what a difference a vitamin can make. You can get this wonderful formulation in our Refresh Me™ eye cream and see for yourself how effective this combination of powerful ingredients is! Order Smooth Skin Systems Refresh Me™ eye cream.


Extreme Cold Weather

This is the week of the “polar vortex” storm that is paralyzing parts of Canada and the Mid-West and it can have more of an affect on your skin and your general health and well-being than you might expect.

First, do everything you can not to be caught out in extreme cold. Your skin is the part of your body icy temperatures first encounter and your extremities and your face can be subject to frost bite. Keep as covered as possible.

Second, stay as hydrated as possible. Not only does indoor heating deplete your body’s stores of moisture, shivering and burning calories to stay warm can also use more water than you normally would. You won’t be as thirsty in very cold weather as you would be in summer but you need water just as much, maybe more.

You may be chilly but even if you skip every other part of your beauty regimen while you’re shivering in front of that pretty wood stove, do not neglect your moisturizer. It will help keep the dry heat and excessive cold from affecting your skin, and it can penetrate to deliver moisture right to your facial skin cells.

If you must go out, dress in multiple layers. In the event that the outer layer becomes wet it can keep the snow or sleet away from your skin and when you are somewhere warmer you can take off that layer and let it dry out before putting it back on. Wear a ski mask or other covering over your face. If you do not have one, wrap a scarf or other fabric around your face to keep your skin protected and tuck it under a hat or the hood of a coat.

Finally, when the extreme weather finally lets up, use a good exfoliator to clean off the dry and dead skin cells, then follow with a deep hydrator like Hydrospherex™ that will penetrate and refill depleted cells. Stay warm!

Your Skin is Your Body’s Biggest Organ

It’s true. The skin is the biggest organ of your body and one of the very most important. It is your barrier against disease, environmental toxins, and even assaults. Anything that comes at you encounters your skin first. If it is beautiful it is one of your greatest assets. If it is unsightly, pretty hair or eyes will not help.

My point is that giving your skin good daily care is important. Your skin needs a good blood supply and healthy hydration. The good blood supply can be achieved with exercise  and good nutrition. The hydration can be achieved by two means: internal and external. Internal hydration requires drinking plenty of water and eating green leafy vegetables and fruits. External hydration is achieved by body moisturizers and creams. Be glad you are not back in earlier times when people used animal fats and oils smeared on their body to protect their skin. Now we have sweeter smelling lotions and preparations we can use.

Our Mango Souffle™ is prepared just for you and your thirsty skin. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter rejuvenate and refresh dry skin. This lotion is perfect for the end of the day when you are tired, or you can smooth it on right after your shower in the morning or evening. The mango butter, shea butter, and other beneficial oils will begin to sink into your skin right away soothing and smoothing you. Your skin will feel silky from head to toe and you’ll be amazed at how light and refreshing it feels – it never clogs your pores!

Try this wonderful body cream today. It’s light enough for every day use. You’ll appreciate the therapeutic botanicals and the rich hyaluronic acid that penetrates skin cells giving you the moisture your skin needs to stay flexible and lovely. Don’t wait. Try our Mango Souffle today and experience the richness and pampering that only Smooth Skin Systems can achieve.

What Do You Do In A Day?

Women accomplish so much. If you want to see multitasking and efficiency at work, watch a woman. Whether she is running her own consulting company or home with two children under the age of four, she seems to do so much effortlessly and in less time than a man would take. That’s not a sexist remark, just an observation.

The problem is, that it takes a toll. Stress and fatigue both affect skin and temperament. Stress and fatigue also make it difficult to take the time necessary to really take care of ourselves. If you popped two children under four into bed at 7:30, and had a big load of laundry started by 8:00 PM when do you give yourself even half an hour of unwinding and pampering.

Sometimes, that is where the multitasking comes in. You take five minutes to exfoliate and then slather some Nocturne Night Repair Cream on your face and keep going, tossing the laundry in and then paying a few bills. You can also let your favorite deep moisturizer sink in during an end-of-day steamy bath. No matter what, stopping and holding completely still, even if just for one minute, does you a world of good. Let me suggest that you stop completely for a moment, pour yourself 8 ounces of water and slowly drink it down. Sip it if you can make yourself do it that slowly! Then take the time to do four deep cleansing breathes before you move on to the next project or emergency. It’s important. It gives you a chance to ground yourself and keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes you find that you have done so much that you look tired. Even friends notice and ask if you’re getting enough sleep. Well, making sure you get sleep is very important but looking good is too. If you are getting a few dark circles under your eyes, try Refresh Me Under-Eye cream and see if it doesn’t make a visible difference for you. Refresh Me stops the tiny capillaries from pooling blood under your eyes making them dark. So you look fresher and more rested. Sometimes, just looking better makes us feel better doesn’t it? We know you do a lot in the day but add one more thing: taking a moment for you!

Interested in Refresh Me cream for dark circles?

Skin Care Breakthrough! Or Is It?

How many times do you read those words, “Anti-aging miracle; skincare breakthrough,” or others like them? It seems that every cosmetics company in the world has a new discovery coming out in a bottle that will make you younger. Are people really getting younger? Are there really that many new products?

The answers are yes and no. Yes, people are able to defeat some of the least attractive visible signs of aging like the frown lines on the forehead or crows feet at the edges of the eyes. No, there are not really that many new products. But they seem dramatic compared to what companies knew about aging just ten or fifteen years ago. Back then if you wanted your skin to have a better surface you underwent serious chemical peels that might take months of recovery before you looked good. Or, you went in for a facelift and then hid yourself for months until the black eyes and swelling went away. Then you tried to explain why your face looked all pulled and tight.

Botox™, hyaluronic acid, and peptides changed a lot of that. Scientists discovered the function of hyaluronic acid in skin repair and renewal and discovered that it plays a significant role in collagen production. This truly transformed the understanding of what could be done for skin, even skin already damaged by the sun or aging. Then peptides became the big thing in skin care. Again, these are building blocks of your body and play a role in wound healing and skin renewal. What wonderful discoveries! You could renew and revitalize your skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid without primitive surgery and long recovery times.

But how can you tell if the product you are using is really delivering the right ingredients to your skin? First look for one with NO parabens. Parabens are a cheap preservative that promotes aging, and yet many expensive formulations use parabens because it increases their profit margins. Avoid them at all cost. Next, avoid skin creams that have artificial fragrances and fillers. Look for an ingredients label that shows a short list of ingredients and those ingredients should be the hyaluronic acid and peptides you are looking for. At that point you have done your homework. Congratulations! You are buying the big breakthroughs! Buy our best face cream with six peptides and HA!

How Sweet is Honey for Your Skin!?

Honey and amber are two substances that have been prized for many centuries. The Egyptians knew the value of honey and relied on its anti-bacterial and preservative powers. Modern medicine is rediscovering the healing properties of honey and many chronic wound treatments now have a component that utilizes honey to promote healing and keep wounds clean.

Amber’s beautiful golden glow has been used in jewelry and sought by alchemists for its rarity and beauty. Fossilized tree resin it has a place in folk medicine as a healing ingredient and in jewelry as a beautiful, natural “stone.”

Now the combination of Amber and Honey are used in a wonderful exfoliating scrub that thoroughly and effectively cleans pores while promoting healing and renewal of skin cells. Gently wash your face and then apply Oh, Honey™ scrub to the skin of your face and neck. Moving your fingers in a light, circular motion you will feel the amber crystals lifting dead skin cells and revealing the newer skin beneath. As the amber crystals clean and exfoliate, the honey and jojoba moisturize and renew your skin leaving your face smoother than ever with a lovely glow.

This luscious scrub is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and a good enough exfoliation treatment to keep your pores open and delicately clean. You will be delighted with the results and the feel of this wonderful scrub. Improves your skin, diminishes age spots and discoloration, helps heal blemishes and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Use it on your hands between manicures for softer, smoother skin and cuticles. This will quickly become your favorite scrub and your face will look amazing!

Follow Oh, Honey!™ Amber Scrub with a moisturizer like Maximum Moisture or Hydrospherex for super anti-aging results! And remember, all Smooth Skin Systems products come with a money-back guarantee so your satisfaction is assured and we never use testing in animals or preservatives like parabens. Get the best skin you’ve ever had with Smooth Skin Systems Oh, Honey!™