Exfoliate Me™

Exfoliate Me
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Glycolic Acid Gel Cleanser 

Exfoliate Me™, our highly effective daily cleanser, is the perfect solution to oily skin, blemishes, large pores, or acne. Finally, more radiant and younger looking skin is within reach! Contents 4.0 oz.

  • 10% glycolic acid for smoother, more elastic skin. 
  • Made from natural sugar cane to promote skin surface renewal.
  • Safely formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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Increase Collagen

Accelerate skin renewal as you increase collagen and boost radiance with our Exfoliate Me™ cleanser. Glycolic acid, the natural alpha hydroxy acid in Exfoliate Me, comes from organic sugar cane. It’s blended into our gentle facial formula to bring you superb benefits and rapid results. Exfoliate Me honors your complexion with a formula that’s gentle enough for daily rejuvenation. See changes immediately and with continued use:

  • Softer, smoother, glowing skin 
  • Less visible age spots and acne scars 
  • Less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Clearer pores and fewer blemishes 
  • Amplified collagen formation 
  • Removal of dull surface cells 
  • Accelerated cell turnover 

See how easy it is to remove dead skin from the face naturally, without irritation. Simply rinse drab cells from your skin’s outer layer to reveal a fabulous freshness. New healthy cells appear for a younger looking complexion. Exfoliate Me has a highly effective 10% glycolic acid concentration to help imperfections fade as impurities wash away. After using our exfoliating gel, apply Hyaluronic Acid Cream for normal or oily skin or use a targeted moisturizer for combination skin. See the beautiful improvements Exfoliate Me gives you!

How to Naturally Increase Collagen in Your Face for Firm, Supple Skin

Skin tone improves when you know how to naturally increase collagen in your face. Our exfoliating cleanser works instantly on your skin’s surface, while stimulating collagen in lower layers. When you know how to increase natural facial collagen, elasticity and firmness are boosted, and your skin looks younger. The multibeneficial glycolic acid complex in paraben free Exfoliate Me is also ideal for improving oily or acne prone skin, since it reduces breakouts and excess oil. Exfoliation is the perfection revitalization for normal, combination or oily skin. So put your best face forward. Try Exfoliate Me today.

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Exfoliate Me™

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