Oh Honey!™ Amber Scrub

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Amber Facial Scrub 

Scrub away the old you and reveal the new, more beautiful you! Gently wash away wrinkles, crow’s feet, spots, and other signs of aging with our revolutionary exfoliating formula. Contents 40g (1.4 oz.).

  • Designed for sensitive and more delicate skin.
  • Soothes your face, neck and hands with amber crystals and honey.
  • Improves the tone and texture for a more radiant glow. 
  • Renews skin and diminishes wrinkles.

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Best Skin Exfoliation Products

We blend rare gifts from nature into the the best skin exfoliation products, which stimulate cell turnover and reveal a more youthful face. Our Oh Honey!™ Amber Facial Scrub is so rejuvenating we added an exclamation mark to its name. Skin responds beautifully to our unique blend of pure honey and precious Amber crystals. Oh Honey! gives you the luxurious exfoliation of your skin’s outer surface and healthful stimulation of the firming collagen below. Dead, dull cells rinse away and vibrance is restored. See results as soon as you rinse: 

  • Smoother, more supple skin 
  • A glowing, polished appearance 
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Less visible discolorations, age spots and imperfections 

Our best exfoliation for sensitive skin care provides pampering renewal as it also stimulates collagen for beautiful, younger looking skin. The scrub’s crystals come from the fossilized sap of trees that flourished millions of years ago. We use organic European Amber which is ground to a fine consistency for extraordinary exfoliation properties. Pair this product with a sensitive skin facial cleanser, such as a Rosehip Seed Oil formula, to see dramatic differences.

Natural Skin Exfoliation With Amazing Amber Crystals

Achieve a luminous look with a personal touch. Now you can have spa quality natural skin exfoliation at home. Is your face feeling and looking drab? Your skin’s top layer protects the layers below, but it also determines how your complexion is seen. With our natural exfoliation products, skin has a bright, more even appearance. Your skin’s regenerative powers are boosted, as aging and environmental effects are eased and even erased. Our refreshing Amber Scrub gives you up to 20 in-home facials for professional results at a major savings over spa services. So place nature’s precious ingredients on your face to enjoy effective, natural facial skin exfoliation in minutes.

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Oh Honey!™ Amber Scrub

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